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About us

Blackinton Union Church was built in 1871 by Sanford Blackinton and will seat 300 people. We are a non-denominational church, meaning we don’t identify as one specific Christian Denomination. We are a mix of people from all different backgrounds: Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist…Ect. We currently have an average weekly attendance of 30-40.

We believe:

  • In the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and the God the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 28:19)

  • Jesus was born to this earth by the virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-38), was crucified on the cross to atone for our sins (Romans 4:25), and rose from the grave three days later (Luke 24:1-12), sending His Holy Spirit to dwell within all believers (John 14:15-17). 

  • We believe in being “Saved” or "Born Again" , which means a person is saved from going to Hell and will go to heaven once they have accepted Christ as Savior. They will become a new person, in their heart and spirit, because their old life is gone and forgiven and they begin a new life as a Believer and Follower of Jesus. (John 3:16, John 6:40, John 3:3)

To be saved, a person must:

  1. Confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10: 9-10)

  2. Believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross to atone for their sins and God raised Him from the dead three days later (Romans 10:9-10, Acts 16:31).

  3. Ask God for forgiveness and Repent, turn away, from their sins (1 John 1:9, Acts 3:19)

  4. Receive Jesus as Savior, believing in His name, receiving the gift of eternal life by faith (John 1:12)

A new Christian, will begin their Journey as a follower of Jesus, as a renewed person, free from past sins, and they will begin to read and follow the teachings of God's Word. Being a Christian takes practice, dedication,  and is a life-long Journey; it is not an overnight fix. But it's the best and most important decision you will ever make in your life! There is no greater way to live life then a life lived for Jesus! Your plan for your life will never be as great as Jesus's plan! Trust Him!

We welcome and accept anyone who wants to know more about Jesus! We hope you will come to an event or service and give us a try. Jesus offers a new life, a new beginning, forgiveness, love, freedom, mercy, friendship… and the list goes on. We hope to see you and your family soon!  

Our pastor:

Currently IN search of a new church leader
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